January 31, 2011

"Born This Way" Blog - En Español!

Hey everyone,
There is now a great Spanish version of the "Born This Way" blog!
It is called "Gay Se Nace (GSN)" - and it has my full blessing and approval! This is the only Spanish language version that has my approval (so far), so I urge all Spanish readers who want to submit their pictures and stories to contact Octavio, and send them his way - octaviocaraballo@hotmail.com. Or click here.

For Portugese, please check out "BornThisWayBlog-Brazil"

I am very open and interested in seeing "Born This Way" appear in many languages on the internet. All I ask is that direct contact is made with me, and we agree on the terms of how it will all work. But the final decision for any new version in another language is still mine to make.

If you are interested in working together on a version of the "Born This Way" Blog in another language, please click here to email me to discuss the possibilities.

I'm excited to see the "Born This Way" blog message reach many more people!
All my best,
Paul V. (Owner/creator)


Hola a todos
Quiero que todos lo sepan, ahora hay una gran versión en español del
"Born This Way" blog! Se llama "Gay Se Nace (GSN)" - y tiene mi bendición y aprobación plenas! Esta es la única versión española, que cuenta con mi aprobación (hasta ahora), por lo que insto a todos los lectores españoles que quieran presentar sus fotos e historias para apoyar a Octavio, y enviarlos a su manera - octaviocaraballo@hotmail.com. O haga clic aquí.

Para Português, confira

Estoy muy abierto e interesado en ver "Born This Way" aparece en varios idiomas en Internet. Lo único que pido es que el contacto directo que se haga conmigo, y estamos de acuerdo en los términos de la forma en que todo saldrá bien. Pero la decisión final para cualquier nueva versión en otro idioma sigue siendo mío que hacer.

Estoy muy emocionado con el mensaje "Born This Way" blog llegar a más gente!
Todo lo mejor de mi,
Pablo V.


Benjamin Bee said...

Paul, I hope with all my heart you aprove as soon as possible,
someone in Brasil, or Portugal, or any other portuguese language country. I feel that your blog concept will raise LGBT dignity all over the world. It'll be a revolution.



Paul V. (Creator) said...

Benjamin -
Hang tight: I'm in chats with a Brazilian partner and French partner. Those blogs should be up and running in a week or so, if all goes well :)
xo Paul V.

Benjamin Bee said...

Paul. Is this the official BornThisWayBlog.com brazilian version ?