August 26, 2011


Saxon, age 6
Tulsa, OK (1995)

Going through my fathers' pictures for his 50th birthday,
I came across this one. It was taken at my grandmother's house in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I had the best memories there, hanging out at the lake with my dad, and just being crazy.

I'm 22 now, and a working performance artist. And as this picture shows, I had a flair for the dramatic at an early age.

Looking back, I don't consider myself overly flamboyant, or girly. I just had an amazing support system, so I didn't care about the perceptions of others.

And I must say, I couldn't have asked for a better childhood.


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Brian Alexander said...

It is wonderful when I hear about someone who had a great childhood!
Very glad for you!

Just Two Chicks said...

Adorable picture!

Jacob Woods said...

Cute! Love it! Performance artist! You rock!